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Bad wheel bearing

Common signs of bad wheel bearings include a grinding or roaring noise from the wheel area, uneven tire wear, and steering wheel vibration. Once these signs emerge, driving duration on compromised bearings varies (no more than 500 miles), but immediate attention is recommended to prevent further complications.

How to Program a Key Fob

Welcome to the world of car key fobs. These nifty little devices have evolved from just unlocking doors to starting engines and even accessing in-car features remotely. However, there may come a time when your key fob inexplicably stops working, so what do you do then? Simple (sort of): reprogram it!

Can You Float Gears in A Car

Yes, you can float gears in a car. It’s a method of shifting without using the clutch. However, if done incorrectly, it can cause wear on the transmission or even damage it.

Pennzoil platinum vs mobil 1

Pennzoil Platinum is derived predominantly from natural gas, resulting in a purer synthetic oil. On the other hand, Mobil 1 has a broad range of offerings designed for various engine types. While Pennzoil tends to be a choice for those prioritizing cleanliness and efficiency, Mobil 1 is often favored by high-performance and older vehicles.

Sawdust in The Transmission – What Happens

People put sawdust in the transmission primarily to quieten noisy gear shifts and mask underlying mechanical problems, especially when trying to sell a car. However, while it might offer a temporary fix, sawdust can lead to accelerated wear and eventual failure of the transmission.

Do teslas have a sunroof

The Tesla Model S and Model X have offered variations of sunroofs during their production years. The Model 3 and Model Y come with a fixed glass roof, giving passengers an unobstructed view of the sky without an opening feature.

What Year Dodge Dakota Parts Are Interchangeable

The Dodge Dakota has been a popular midsize pickup truck since its launch in 1987. It’s known for its durability, but like any vehicle, parts wear down or need replacement over time. The interesting part is, some components from various model years of the Dodge Dakota are interchangeable.

Dodge Engine Swap Compatibility Chart

Whether you own a classic Charger or a modern Ram, swapping your engine can give your ride a new lease on life, increase horsepower, and even improve fuel economy. This guide will help you understand Dodge engine swap compatibility. It covers everything from the basics of engine swaps, specific Dodge models and engine options, to a comprehensive compatibility chart to help you make an informed decision.

Tesla Battery Draining Fast

There can be multiple reasons for a Tesla’s battery to drain faster than usual. Factors like extreme temperatures, continuous use of high-performance modes, frequent rapid accelerations, or even certain charging practices can influence battery performance and longevity.

Cracked Rim Leaking Air

When a cracked rim leaks air, your tire loses pressure. This can result in shaky driving, reduced fuel efficiency, and even tire blowouts. To fix the issue, you can either repair the rim or replace it, depending on the severity of the crack.

Mevotech vs Moog

Both Mevotech and Moog have their strengths. While Mevotech offers some solid value for money, Moog is often praised for its premium quality and durability. The ultimate decision comes down to individual needs and preferences.

What Happens if You Overfill Brake Fluid

Overfilling brake fluid can lead to increased pressure in the brake system, potential damage to brake components, reduced braking performance, and safety hazards.