Fault Codes
Ford Fusion Shift System Fault

The SHIFT SYS FAULT (shift system fault) message typically refers to a problem with the automatic transmission system in your Ford Fusion. When a shift system fault occurs, it can result in symptoms such as the vehicle not shifting gears properly, slipping out of gear, or becoming stuck in a single gear. The most common causes of a SHIFT SYS FAULT include:

Ford TBC Fault

The TBC system is responsible for controlling the trailer brakes and ensuring that they work in tandem with the vehicle’s brakes for safe and effective stopping. The TBC fault is a common issue faced by many Ford vehicle owners who regularly tow trailers. It can indicate inadequate brake performance, causing the vehicle not to respond properly when the brakes are applied.

Komatsu fault code list

Komatsu Machinery is a leader in construction and heavy equipment manufacturing, providing durable and reliable machines to the industry. However, even the most robust machines can experience problems, and that’s where error codes come in handy. Error codes provide valuable insight into what might be causing the issue and help you diagnose the problem quickly.

Bobcat fault code list

The loader’s onboard computer system of your Bobcat is equipped with error codes that provide crucial information about what’s gone wrong. By taking a few minutes to diagnose the error code, you can quickly identify the issue and get your Bobcat back up and running in no time.

Ford F150 Fault Code List

Both car owners and repair shops can benefit from knowing how to read diagnostic trouble codes. When the error code is found, the source of the problem can be zeroed in on and fixed. Today, we’re going to focus on the types of error codes that show up on Ford F150s.

Mercedes Fault Code List

In this guide, I’ll explain what fault codes are in more detail, how to get fault codes on a scanner, and what the most common fault codes are for Mercedes cars. So, whenever you’re ready, just scroll down and begin.

Volvo Fault Code List

In the past, mechanics had to resort to “brute-force diagnostics” to figure out what was wrong with a car. In retrospect, it would have been helpful to have a Volvo fault codes list as it would allow mechanics to immediately identify the underlying problem.