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Slip Indicator Light On

The slip indicator is an icon resembling a car leaving wavy tracks. It represents the vehicle’s traction control system at work, signaling that the car is losing grip with the road and the system is trying to regain control.

Ford F150 Bed Weight Capacity

The 2023 Ford F-150 has a maximum payload rating of 3,315 lbs. (1,504 kg). This rating may differ between trims and model years.

What is StabiliTrak Causes & Fixes

StabiliTrak messages may appear due to sensor malfunctions, wiring issues, or mechanical problems. Addressing the issue usually involves a professional inspection, followed by repairs or replacements of the affected parts.


You can indeed inflate a car tire with a bike pump. However, it’s not the easiest task. It demands significant physical effort and time.

Bad Flywheel

The symptoms of a bad flywheel can be diverse, but there are some key signs to look out for. These include difficulties or stiffness while shifting gears, unexpected gear slippage, unusual clutch vibrations, and peculiar noises, such as rattling or clunking, during gear shifts or when starting the engine.

Average Car Horsepower

The average horsepower of a car ranges from 180 to 200. However, different car types will have different averages and ranges.

Bad Intake Manifold

Every car enthusiast knows the importance of an intake manifold. As the conduit that efficiently guides air from the car’s intake to its engine cylinders, a well-functioning intake manifold is key to optimal engine performance. However, like any other component of your vehicle, it is susceptible to wear and tear over time.

Frozen Gas Tank Door – How to Fix

It’s a cold winter morning and you’re ready to hit the road. You jump into your car and try to open the gas tank door, but it’s frozen shut! You give it a few tugs, but it won’t budge. Panic sets in as you realize you have no idea how to fix this problem.

Car Shakes when Accelerating

A ride in your car should be smooth and enjoyable, but when it begins to shake during acceleration, it can turn into a distressing experience. Not only is it bothersome, but it can also be indicative of underlying problems that might affect the vehicle’s performance and safety.

Bad Ignition Relay

When you turn the key, the ignition relay tells the engine to start working. As time goes on, whether due to misuse or another cause, the ignition relay can also become faulty or ‘bad’. This might lead to some problems in starting or running the car smoothly.

SUVs without CVT Transmission

The automotive world is vast, filled with various types of vehicles designed to meet diverse needs and preferences. One category that stands out for its versatility and robustness is Sport Utility Vehicles, or SUVs. These are large vehicles renowned for their spacious interiors, off-road capabilities, and typically higher driving position. Yet, beneath the hood, their technical specifics vary significantly, particularly regarding transmission.

Average Lifespan of A Ford Escape

The average lifespan of a Ford Escape is between 150,000 to 200,000 miles or up to 15 years, depending on factors like maintenance, driving habits, and model year.