What Are the Humvee Dimensions?

If there’s one car that intimidates every other motorist on the road, it’s the Humvee. Since the first civilian-style version of this massive beast came out in 1992, there have been serious modifications to the inside and outside of the car. In 2022, GMC released plans of an electric version of this classic car, known as the 2024 Humvee EV (set to release in 2023).

The 2024 Humvee EV measures 216.8 inches long, 79.1 inches tall, and 93.7 inches wide with side mirrors. It has 11.3 cubic feet of trunk space and a 5-foot-long bed, and it can seat up to 5 passengers.

In this guide, I’ll provide the precise internal and external measurements of the 2024 Humvee EV, as well as explain what we currently know about this car’s specifications.

A Brief History of the Humvee

Humvees have been around since the late 1980s, but it wasn’t until 1992 that the first civilian Humvee (known as a HUMMER) hit the market.

Hummers were massive cars (they still are) that guzzled a gallon of gas just to travel 10 miles. Newer versions of the Hummer would see an increase in fuel efficiency but not by much (14 miles per gallon).

However, it wasn’t until 2020 that the Hummer electric vehicle (EV) line was released. It sported a beefier motor and offered better gas economy. In 2024, GMC released the most recent version of the Humvee, which offers 47 MPGe or about four times better fuel economy than the H1.

2024 Humvee EV Dimensions

GMC offers two versions of the 2024 Humvee EV—Pickup and SUV. Let’s see how they compare in terms of internal and external measurements.

Internal Dimensions

Parameters Pickup SUV
Front Head Room 42.5 in. 42.5 in.
Rear Head Room 38.6 in. 38.6 in.
Front Legroom 45.6 in. 45.6 in.
Rear Legroom 38.9 in. 38.9 in.
Front Shoulder Room 63.9 in. 63.9 in.
Rear Shoulder Room 64.0 in. 64.0 in.
Front Hip Room 60.5 in. 60.5 in.
Rear Hip Room 60.3 in. 60.3 in.
eTrunk™ Volume 11.3 cu. ft. 11.3 cu. ft.
Cargo Bed Length 60 in. N/A
Total Passenger Count 5 5

As you can see, both versions of the 2024 Humvee EV are almost exactly the same. The main difference is the SUV-style Humvee EV does not have a cargo bed, whereas the pickup-style version does (5 feet).

As is typical of electric vehicles, the engine is not large enough to occupy the entire space underneath the hood. As such, you can store groceries and travel items in the front trunk, known as the eTrunk™.

Surprisingly, the back of the Humvee EV SUV does not offer additional seating. Instead, the “third row” serves as additional cargo space (measurements currently unknown).

External Dimensions

Parameters Pickup SUV
Length w/o Spare 216.8 in. 196.8 in.
Length w/ Spare N/A 206.7 in.
Height 79.1 in. 77.8 in.
Wheelbase 135.6 in. 126.7 in.
Max Width w/o Side Mirrors 86.7 in. 86.5 in.
Max Width w/ Side Mirrors 93.7 in. 93.7 in.
Front Track Width 73.3 in. 73.3 in.
Rear Track Width 73.3 in. 73.3 in.
Front Overhang 34.7 in. 34.7 in.
Rear Overhang w/o Spare 46.5 in. 35.5 in.
Rear Overhang w/ Spare N/A 45.3 in.

In almost every regard, the exterior measurements of the Pickup and SUV versions are only marginally different. However, it should be noted that the SUV-style Humvee has space on the back to hang a spare tire, whereas the spare tire in the Pickup version fits comfortably inside the cargo bed.

Miscellaneous Measurements and Specs

Parameters Pickup SUV
Front Suspension Travel 13.0 in. 13.0 in.
Rear Suspension Travel 13.0 in. 13.0 in.
4WD Turning Circle 37.1 in. 35.4 in.
2WD Turning Circle 44.3 in. 45.3 in.
Max Towing Capacity 7,500 lbs. 7,500 lbs.
Max Payload 1,300 lbs. 1,300 lbs.
Engine Power 1,000 HP 830 HP
Torque 11,500 lb.-ft. 11,500 lb.-ft.
Estimated Driving Range 329 mi. > 300 mi.
Fuel Efficiency (city/highway/combined) 51 MPGe/43 MPGe/47 MPGe 51 MPGe/43 MPGe/47 MPGe
Charging 800V 350-kW 800V 350-kW
Tire Size 35 in. 35 in.

2024 Humvee EV Unique Features


Have you ever wanted to move your car diagonally, perhaps to help with parallel parking? Both versions of the 2024 Humvee allow you to do this via the Crabwalk system. As of right now, the Crabwalk system is only compatible with low speeds.

Super Cruise

GMC has installed a driver-assistance feature that lets drivers travel hands-free through compatible roads. This will be a subscription-based service, which you can enjoy for three years starting from the moment you take your 2024 Humvee EV home with you.

Extract Mode

As a future Humvee owner, you’ll definitely want to take your Pickup or SUV out onto rough terrain. However, you can’t lift the car up if you encounter large stones or shallow rivers in your patch. But with Extract Mode, which lifts the car up to 6 inches, you can traverse all sorts of terrain without having to call AAA for a tow!


The 2024 Humvee EV comes with 18 cameras installed underneath the car. That way, you can see objects underneath the car from all angles, so you can strategize the best way to overcome whatever obstacles are in your way.

Underbody Armor

The 2024 Humvee EV’s underside is fortified with steel plates and shields, especially around the battery pack. So, whatever obstacles you don’t see via the UltraVision will do very little to damage the belly of the vehicle.

Infinity Roof

You can dismantle the roof of your vehicle to expose you and your passengers to the open air. The Infinity Roof system is comprised of multiple panels that snap on and off with a breeze. The eTrunk™ is large enough to house all of the stackable panels.

One-Pedal Driving with Regenerative Braking

Are you tired of moving your foot back and forth from the accelerator to the brake? If so, then you will love the One-Pedal Driving system, which allows you to drive your 2024 Humvee EV using only the accelerator. When you lift your foot off the accelerator, the car will brake and eventually come to a halt. Also, every time you release the gas pedal, the energy from your wheels goes to the battery to increase your driving range.