What Are the Cybertruck Bed Dimensions?

The Tesla Cybertruck is a soon-to-be-manufactured light-duty truck. It was announced back in 2019 and was estimated to have a travel range of up to 500 miles on a full battery. So, as a light-duty truck, surely it should have a bed for storing large objects, right?

The current designs of the Tesla Cybertruck show that its bed is going to measure 6.5 feet long and between 60 and 65 inches wide. With the planned flip stop feature on the truck’s tailgate, the Cybertruck’s bed should be able to carry 8-foot-long objects safely.

In this guide, I’ll talk about the Tesla Cybertruck in greater detail, as well as describe its expected measurements and features.

A Quick Look at the Tesla Cybertruck

Roughly a decade ago, Tesla founder and owner Elon Musk tweeted about his desire to create a “supertruck.” He would later describe his truck to be a direct competitor to the top-performing Ford F-250 that we all know and love. Fast-forward to 2019, and the world got its first glimpse of what Elon thinks a supertruck is.

Now, it’s fair to say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and that’s definitely true with the Tesla Cybertruck. However, what’s much more important than style (or lack thereof) is functionality.

Like every other Tesla vehicle, the Cybertruck is electric-powered. Not only is it safer for the environment, but it is estimated to cover a distance of between 400 and 800 kilometers on a full charge. Not only that, but it should go from 0 to 62 miles per hour in up to 6.5 seconds.

However, the precise specifications and features of the Cybertruck will vary from model to model. Tesla has plans to produce 3 models of the Cybertruck, each with different top speeds, payloads, towing capacities, and, of course, price tags.

If you plan on purchasing a supertruck, you can preorder yours today—just don’t expect it receive it until at least 2023 if we’re lucky.

Tesla Cybertruck Bed Dimensions

The Tesla Cybertruck will come with all of the features you’d expect from a light-duty truck, including a bed for transporting large objects to and fro.

From what we know about the highly anticipated supertruck, the Cybertruck’s bed will measure 6.5 feet long and 60 to 65 inches wide. It’s expected that the bed will have a total volume capacity of 100 cubic feet. Taking the vehicle’s wheel wells into consideration, the large object you could fit inside the Cybertruck’s bed is 6.5 × 4 feet.

However, you can extend the bed’s total volume by using the flip stop feature. On the inside panel of the supertruck’s tailgate, you’ll find a stop that rises and lowers to serve as a stop for your payload. The Cybertruck’s bed with the flip stop engaged allows you to transport objects measuring 8 × 4 feet.

Please note that all of this is subject to change. There’s still a long way to go before Tesla officially announces the official specifications and features of the Cybertruck.

Tesla Cybertruck Dimensions and Features

As it currently stands, Tesla has removed the specifications table from the official Cybertruck website. This could be a sign that there is going to be a major overhaul of the supertruck. After all, it has been roughly 24 months since the specifications chart was available for all to see.

Based on what we know about the Tesla Cybertruck, it will have the following dimensions and features. Be warned: Tesla has withheld a ton of information regarding this electric truck.

Exterior Dimensions

Parameters Measurement
Length 19.33 ft.
Width 6.67 ft.
Height 6.25 ft.
Wheelbase 12.5 ft.
Bed Length 6.5 ft.
Extended Bed Length 8 ft.
Bed Width 5 to 5.4 ft.

Interior Dimensions

Parameters Measurement


  • 30X Cold-Rolled Stainless-Steel Exoskeleton
  • Polymer-Layered Armor Glass
  • Adaptive air suspension
  • 17-inch touchscreen
  • 250-kilowatt charging cable
  • Autopilot
  • Full Self-Driving Option


Parameters Measurement
Starting price $39,900 (RWD model)
Seating 6 people
0-60 miles per hour 2.9+ sec. (depending on the model)
Travel range per full charge 250+ mi. (depending on the model)
Towing capacity 7,500+ lbs. (depending on the model)
Payload capacity Up to 3,500 lbs. (depending on the model)
Ground clearance 16 in.

When Will the Tesla Cybertruck Be Available?

Tesla has yet to release an official statement concerning the definitive release date of the Cybertruck. However, there has been news of the release date being in late 2023 or sometime in the following year.

If you want to preorder a Cybertruck, all you have to do is head over to the official Tesla website and place your order. A deposit on this light-duty truck is just $100. On top of that, your deposit is 100% refundable if you change your mind. So, there’s nothing to lose if you want to preorder this alien-like truck.

Will the Cybertruck Fit in My Garage?

The standard garage size is about 12 feet wide and 22 feet long. Meanwhile, the Cybertruck measures 6.67 feet wide and 19.33 feet long. That means it will take up roughly 48.8% of the average one-car garage.

What Makes the Cybertruck Unique?

All you have to do is look at the Cybertruck to see how unique it is. Even without knowing its interior specs and most of its features, it’s safe to say that the Cybertruck is unlike anything the world has seen before.

Something else worth noting is that it’s a Tesla-made vehicle, so it uses batteries instead of fossil fuels. But this also amplifies the magnificence of this road beast since it can allegedly reach speeds of up to 110 miles per hour. Not only that, but it can carry up to 3,500 pounds of stuff while also towing 14,000 pounds.

And the cherry on top of everything is that the Cybertruck will also function as a makeshift boat. It can supposedly travel across shallow rivers and streams, as well as withstand floods. However, that doesn’t mean you can travel in flooded areas—just that the truck won’t break down due to being waterlogged.

Oh, did I mention that the Cybertruck doesn’t come with side mirrors? Instead, it comes with a series of cameras that display the car’s surroundings via the 17-inch screen. But the zero-mirror design may change since a road-safe car must have side mirrors.