How Much Is a Tire Alignment at Walmart?

The health of your vehicle often hinges on seemingly small but incredibly important elements like tire alignment. In fact, something as common as hitting a pothole can disrupt your car’s alignment. Did you know you can get your tires aligned there? Or, at least, you used to be able to get your tires aligned there at a relatively low cost.

The cost of aligning your car’s tires at Walmart fell within the range of $50 to $100. This cost varied depending on the specific vehicle model and regional price differences. Unfortunately, Walmart Auto Care Centers no longer handle tire alignment services.

This guide will gloss over the various aspects included in Walmart’s auto services, the importance of getting your tires aligned, and alternative spots to get your tires aligned since Walmart no longer offers this service.

Range of Automotive Services Offered by Walmart

When it comes to automobile maintenance and repair, Walmart Auto Care Centers have positioned themselves as a trusted one-stop shop. From basic maintenance to specialized services, they cover a wide gamut of automotive needs. Here are the key services available:

  • Oil and Lube Services: Regular oil changes are fundamental to your vehicle’s health. Walmart offers standard, high-mileage, and synthetic oil changes, all of which include a new oil filter and chassis lubrication. They also provide additional fluid services like transmission fluid change and coolant flush.
  • Battery Services: Whether it’s a simple battery check, a new battery installation, or battery terminal cleaning, Walmart has got you covered. They stock a wide variety of batteries to fit different makes and models.
  • Fuel System Service: To ensure optimal fuel economy and vehicle performance, Walmart offers fuel system cleaning and fuel injector services.
  • Headlight and Taillight Services: In addition to selling headlight and taillight bulbs, Walmart provides installation services for these parts.
  • Wiper Blade Installation: A clear windshield is crucial for safe driving. Walmart stocks wiper blades for various car models and offers free installation with a wiper blade purchase.
  • Air Filter Services: Replacing your car’s air filters at recommended intervals can boost your vehicle’s performance and fuel efficiency. Walmart offers air filter replacement services, carrying a variety of filters suitable for different car models.
  • Brake Services: Walmart can undertake thorough brake inspections and brake pad replacements, ensuring your vehicle is safe and responsive on the road.
  • Check Engine Light Diagnosis: If your check engine light is on, Walmart can help diagnose the issue with their sophisticated diagnostic equipment.
  • Windshield Services: For those little chips and cracks on your windshield, Walmart provides repair services to prevent further damage.
  • Tire Services: These include tire installation, balancing, rotation, and repair (notice that alignment isn’t included in this list). Walmart stocks an extensive range of tires from top brands, suitable for various vehicle types and weather conditions.

What Is Tire Alignment?

What Is Tire Alignment

Looking after your car is more than just fueling it up and occasional servicing; it requires attention to minor details that may significantly affect your vehicle’s performance and safety. One of these important factors is tire alignment.

Tire alignment refers to the adjustment of your vehicle’s suspension—the system that connects a vehicle to its wheels. It’s not about adjusting the tires or wheels themselves but fine-tuning the angles of the tires, which affects how they make contact with the road.

A car is said to be properly aligned when its tires meet the manufacturer’s specifications for tire angle and direction. These are critical in ensuring the tires perform optimally, wearing evenly, and steering correctly.

Three primary alignment angles are the primary focus during tire alignments:

  • Camber: This is the inward or outward angle of the tire when viewed from the front of the vehicle. If the top of the tire leans too far out, you have positive camber; if it leans inwards, you have negative camber.
  • Toe: Imagine viewing your car from above. If the front of the tires turn in towards each other, this is toe-in; if they fan out, it’s toe-out.
  • Caster: This is the angle of your steering axis when viewed from the side of your vehicle. If the steering axis tilts towards the driver, it’s positive caster, and if it tilts towards the front of your vehicle, it’s negative caster.

Where to Get Your Car Tires Aligned

Where to Get Your Car Tires Aligned

Since Walmart no longer offers tire alignment services at low, low costs, where else can you get this service done? You always have the option of visiting local auto shops and comparing prices, or you can consult this list of major auto service outlets. Please note that these places may not be in your area.

1. Pep Boys

Pep Boys provides multiple wheel-alignment packages, including warranties from three months to your vehicle’s lifetime. With advanced digital alignment, your car is set to specification. Pep Boys also offer professional assessments of steering and suspension elements, with computer-aided analysis ensuring alignment restoration to Original Equipment standards.

According to Roxy’s Prices, Pep Boys will charge you $82.00 for three months of coverage and $109.00 for a full year.

2. Jiffy Lube

Jiffy Lube’s advanced machinery checks and adjusts your vehicle’s alignment according to manufacturer specifications. You’ll receive a written evaluation of your wheels’ alignment settings, along with service recommendations tailored to your car’s specific needs.

The cost of aligning your tires at Jiffy Lube ranges from $50 to $168.

3. Sears

By visiting the official Sears Auto Center website, you can explore various tire options alongside their prices, as Sears is renowned for offering affordable rates. You can filter your search based on different criteria, ensuring you find the perfect tire for your needs.

The final cost will depend on factors such as the type, size, and brand of the tire. For six months of coverage, you can expect to pay $99.99 for alignment services.

4. Goodyear

Goodyear will first determine if your wheels adhere to your vehicle manufacturer’s precise alignment standards. If an alignment is necessary, they will adjust the front and/or rear end and confirm that your new alignment readings align with your vehicle manufacturer’s requirements.

You will need to visit the location to get a quote, with possible savings of up to $300 for the three-year plan.