What Are the Toyota Prius Trunk Dimensions?

For some odd reason, the Toyota Prius has become one of the most hated vehicles since it first launched in the mid-1990s. It’s a family car that made a pretty huge splash back in its day due to being the first mass-produced hybrid vehicle. The Toyota Prius has seen some major changes over the years, but is its trunk as spacious as ever?

The 2022 Toyota Prius’ trunk supports just 27.4 cubic feet of cargo. The trunk space is expandable to 50.4 cubic feet if you lower the rear seats. In the LE AWD-e, XLE AWD-e, and Nightshade Edition AWD-E grades, the trunk space drops to 47.9 (behind the first row) and 24.6 cubic feet (behind the rear seats).

Knowing how much cargo space is in a car isn’t enough information to know whether or not it’s the right vehicle for your family. Today, I’ll explain what grades the 2022 Toyota Prius is available in, the internal and external dimensions of this family vehicle, and whether or not the hate it receives is warranted (spoiler alert: it isn’t).

2022 Toyota Prius Grades

Before we take a look at the cargo space and inside of the 2022 Toyota Prius, let’s first discuss what grades it comes in. Grades or versions describe what features come standard in a car. For instance, a higher grade may come with sweeter trims, different seating materials, or even fancier tech.

The 2022 Toyota Prius is available in 8 distinct grades and just as many trim and drivetrain options. In order from least feature-packed to most, this year’s version of the Prius is available in the following grades:

  • LE
  • XLE
  • Limited
  • LE AWD-e
  • XLE AWD-e
  • Nightshade Edition FWD
  • Nightshade Edition AWD-e
  • L Eco

There is virtually no difference in size based on the grade of the Prius, so you don’t have to worry about losing any cubic footage of cargo space. However, you may miss out on the various package deals that come standard or optional for specific grades.

The following chart describes which package deals are unavailable, optional, or standard for the different Prius grades. You can learn more about what is in each package deal by visiting the official 2022 Toyota Prius website.

Grade Premium Convenience Package Advanced Technology Package
LE Unavailable Unavailable
XLE Optional Optional
Limited Optional Standard
LE AWD-e Unavailable Unavailable
XLE AWD-e Unavailable Optional
Nightshade Edition FWD Unavailable Unavailable
Nightshade Edition AWD-e Unavailable Unavailable
L Eco Unavailable Unavailable

2022 Toyota Prius Trunk Dimensions

As a hatchback, the 2022 Toyota Prius isn’t the roomiest vehicle on the market. However, for its size, it offers plenty of space for a decent amount of groceries, suitcases, and gym bags.

Most of the Prius grades offer 50.7 cubic feet of cargo space behind the first row and with the rear seats folded down. If you raise the rear seats, the trunk space drops to 27.4 cubic feet.

The exceptions to this are the LE AWD-e, XLE AWD-e, and Nightshade Edition AWD-E grades, which offer 47.9 cubic feet of cargo space behind the first row and 26.4 cubic feet behind the rear seats when raised.

2022 Toyota Prius Internal and External Dimensions

When looking at cars, it’s rarely wise to just focus on how much trunk space it offers. At the very least, you should understand how spacious it is inside and how much space it takes in your garage or driveway.

Here, I’ll describe the internal and external dimensions of the latest Toyota Prius.

Prius Internal Measurements

Parameters Measurements
Front hip room 53.4 in.
Rear hip room 51.9 in.
Front headroom 39.4 in.
Rear headroom 37.4 in.
Front shoulder room 55.0 in.
Rear shoulder room 53.0 in.
Front legroom 42.3 in.
Rear legroom 33.4 in.
Max cargo volume 47.9 or 50.7 cu. ft.
Cargo volume behind 2nd row 26.4 or 27.4 cu. ft.
Estimated passenger volume 93.1 cu. ft.

Prius External Measurements

Parameters Measurements
Height 57.9 in.
Width 69.3 in.
Length 180.0 in.
Wheelbase 106.3 in.
Front overhang 37.8 in.
Rear overhang 36.0 in.
Ground clearance 5.1 in.

2022 Toyota Prius Miscellaneous Ratings

In this section, I’ll provide a breakdown of the basic yet fundamental ratings of the newest Toyota Prius.

Parameters Ratings
MSRP Between $26,285 and $33,370
Curb weight Between 3,040 and 3220 lbs.
Fuel tank Between 10.6 and 11.3 gallons
Seating capacity 5
City mileage Between 51 and 54 MPG
Highway mileage Between 47 and 50 MPG
Combine mileage Between 49 and 56 MPG

How Much Stuff Can You Put in a Toyota Prius?

As you can see from the description above, select grades of the Toyota Prius offer up to 50.7 cubic feet of cargo space. That’s more than enough for two large-sized suitcases and other small travel supplies.

However, if you’re looking for a large-sized vehicle and don’t mind shopping for compact SUVs, might I suggest taking a look at Subaru Forester?

Is the 2022 Toyota Prius a Good Car?

Perhaps to the dismay of most people out there, the 2022 Toyota Prius is a good car.

This version of the Prius is among the contenders of the most fuel-efficient hybrid vehicles on the road today. Not only that, but it boasts a pretty large trunk, which will come in handy when running errands, going to the gym, and taking brief vacations with the entire family.

Whether you should sink over $25,000 into a brand-new Toyota Prius is another thing. The most basic grade offers a decent range of features, but you would have to spend a bit more to gain access to some of the most noteworthy add-ons, including driver assistance and certain entertainment hardware.

Is There a Way to Open the Toyota Prius’ Trunk from the Inside?

Yes, there is. This trick will come in handy if your key fob is on the fritz or if the car’s battery has run out of juice.

First, you will need to enter the vehicle. You’ll find the hidden key to the Prius in the fob. Pull it out the unlock one of the car doors to enter the vehicle.

Now, go to the trunk of the car and slowly pull up the carpet. There, you’ll find a panel with a release lever. Simply pull the lever toward you to release the trunk door outward.