What Are the Kia Soul Trunk Dimensions?

The Kia Soul is a subcompact SUV that doesn’t break the bank, thanks to its generous standard equipment list and practical, boxy shape, which allows for ample passenger and cargo space. There are no longer any competitors to the Soul in the cube-shaped segment, so its biggest modern competitors are subcompact SUVs. For those that are curious, let’s take a look at how much trunk space there is in this boxy car.

The trunk space behind the 2nd row of seats can hold up to 24.2 cubic feet of your belongings. You can extend its cargo space to 62.1 cubic feet by lowering the rear seats.

In this guide, I’ll describe the inner and outer measurements of this boxy SUV, as well as the features you’ll find inside this car.

2023 Kia Soul Trunk Dimensions

The Kia Soul has seen some pretty significant upgrades since its launch in 2008. Thankfully, Kia has decided to ditch the old-school blocky design, though there are trace remnants of yesteryear’s overall style on the 2023 iteration.

Family vehicles, such as the Kia Soul, are supposed to offer plenty of cargo space for their passengers. That way, there’s very little risk of leaving something behind when going on long-distance road trips with family and friends. So, how much trunk space is there in this subcompact SUV?

According to the official website, the 2023 Kia Soul packs 18.7 cubic feet of cargo space behind the 2nd row of seats. However, the amount of trunk space can be expanded to 23.4 cubic feet if you lower the dual-level cargo board. By lowering the rear seats completely, you can store up to 62.1 cubic feet of your belongings inside this subcompact SUV.

Kia Soul vs. Close Competitors: Trunk Space

The following chart will provide comparisons of comparable subcompact SUVs and their cargo volumes.

Make and model Cargo volume behind 2nd row Cargo volume behind 1st row
Kia Soul 18.7 cu. ft. 62.1 cu. ft.
Nissan Kicks 25.3 cu. ft. 32.3 cu. ft.
Hyundai Venue 18.7 cu. ft. 31.9 cu. ft.
Jeep Renegade 18.5 cu. ft. 50.8 cu. ft.
Mazda CX-30 20.2 cu. ft. 45.2 cu ft.
Toyota C-HR 19.1 cu. ft. 37.0 cu. ft.
Ford EcoSport 20.9 cu. ft. 50.0 cu. ft.
Honda HR-V 24.4 cu. ft. 55.1 cu. ft.
VW Taos 28.0 cu. ft. 66.0 cu. ft.
Chevrolet Trax 18.7 cu. ft. 48.4 cu. ft.
Kia Niro 22.8 cu. ft. 49.1 cu. ft.
Buick Encore 23.5 cu. ft. 50.2 cu. ft.

From the table above, the average trunk space for comparable vehicles to the Kia Soul is 22.0 cubic feet behind the 2nd row and 48.2 cubic feet behind the 1st row. We can see that the Soul offers roughly 1.5 feet less cargo space behind the rear seats and close to 14 cubic feet more behind the 1st row than the industry average.

Kia Soul Dimensions

While the amount of cargo space in a car speaks about its family-friendliness, it doesn’t tell the whole picture. To get a better idea of how roomy this vehicle is, as well as how much garage space it takes up, we’re going to have to look at the interior and exterior measurements of this car.

Interior measurements

Parameters Measurements
Front headroom 39.9 in.
Rear headroom 39.5 in.
Front shoulder room 55.5 in.
Rear shoulder room 54.7 in.
Front legroom 41.1 in.
Rear legroom 38.8 in.
Total interior volume 120.9 cu. ft.
Max cargo volume 62.1 cu. ft.
Cargo volume behind 2nd seats 24.2 cu. ft.
Total passenger volume 96.7 cu. ft.

Exterior measurements

Parameters Measurements
Length 165.2 in.
Width w/o mirrors 70.9 in.
Height 63.0 in.
Wheelbase 102.4 in.
Front track 62.0 in.
Rear track 62.4 in.
Ground clearance 6.7 in.

Miscellaneous Ratings

Parameters Ratings
MSRP Starting from $19,790
Power 147 HP @ 6,200 RPM
Torque 132 lb.-ft. @ 4,500 RPM
City mileage 28 MPG
Highway mileage 33 MPG
Combined mileage 30 MPG
Fuel tank capacity 14.3 gallons
Required fuel grade Unleaded (87 octane or higher)
Curb weight 2,888 lbs.
Wheels 16 to 18 in.
Touchscreen Display 8 or 10.25 in.

What’s New in the 2023 Kia Soul?

First and foremost, the 2023 Kia Soul sports a beefy 2-liter 4-cylinder engine that exerts up to 147 HP and 132 pound-feet of torque. Combined with Intelligent Variable Transmission, you can expect a smoother, silkier ride as you zoom down the highway.

You can also find a wide range of added safety features, such as forward collision avoidance, driver attention warning, and blind spot collision avoidance assist. Select trims will also come with a rear occupant alarm, informing drivers of whether or not the back seat still has passengers.

Last but not least, the Kia Soul has received a plethora of cosmetic upgrades, including a wide choice of colors, upgradable wheel sizes (from 16 to 17 or 18 inches), and an impressive grille with a stylish chrome finish.

2023 Kia Soul Trims

Before talking about the features of the 2023 Kia Soul, let’s first address the multiple trim options available for this subcompact SUV. There are 4 trims—LX, S, GT-Line, and EX. Let’s take a closer look at each trim level from lowest to highest in starting price.


The base version of the 2023 Kia Soul comes with all the same features you’d get from the previous model year. The added features to this year’s iteration are the forward-collision warning indicator, auto-emergency brakes, lane-departure indicator, lane-keeping assist, drowsiness monitors, and rear occupant alarm that tells the driver whether a child or pet is left unattended in one of the rear seats.


The other, more expensive trim levels come with all the same features as the base model, with the addition of a 10.25-inch infotainment screen as opposed to the 8-inch screen on the base, dual-zone auto climate control, wireless phone charger, power driver’s seat, as well as an array of smart features.


The GT-Line is the Soul’s sportiest trim. As such, it sports larger (18-inch) wheels, a more intimidating grille, a sunroof with power shades, and a flat-bottom steering wheel.


For roughly $4,300 more, you can get the EX trim that sits atop 17-inch wheels and comes with heated side mirrors, a cover mat for the cargo space, and heated front seats.